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Welcome to The Shine Group

Ottawa's best music schools

The Shine Group is dedicated to the advancement of music education, performance, production and philanthropy in the National Capital Region (NCR) and throughout Canada.

As a small, charitable non-profit, Shine is seeking donations. To increase affordability among its supporters, Shine stresses that many hands make light work. We seek assistance from a large community-minded audience by digital means.


Sunnyside Music School

Sunnyside music school on bank street

When the Ottawa Folklore Centre closed its doors in 2014, Ottawa was in danger of losing an iconic part of its musical history. Sunnyside Music School embraces the past, present, and future; many of the instructors have continued to teach at the Bank St. location over the past 25 years. Instructors and students alike thrive in the dynamic collaborative environment. Private, at home, or a group lessons; we adapt to deliver the highest level of music education.


Shine Concerts

Performance in the capital

Shine Concerts offers a live booking service with bands that are suitable for a variety of events. When booking one of these bands all aspects of the performance and setup are considered and arrangements will be made to make sure that your event will run smoothly.


Shine Studios

Shine studios and productio

The goal of Shine Studios is to make high-quality recording facilities available to musicians of all levels of experience.

Shine Studios uses a hybrid (digital/analog) recording system, combining the flexibility and convenience of digital recording with the classic sound of analog. 

Shine Foundation

The shine foundation charity

The vision of the Shine Foundation is to assimilate the disparate aspects of music education, performance and production into a single ongoing and unified process. By bridging the gap between students and professional artists the student develops a realistic skill set which they will require for success. In providing production facilities for music which are both state of the art and cost efficient, the foundation promotes the growth of a healthy and sustainable musical community.

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